Radical is looking for a passionate, product-minded person to build our customer development strategy and pipeline. If you ever want to start your own business, this is the role and the stage to join. Radical brings state-of-the-art collaboration into any product. The fastest-growing business software is built for teams, not individuals. This "collaboration-first" approach increases productivity and accelerates success. If you're inspired by the future of work and new modes of communication, collaboration and product-led growth, come build this future with us.

As a Product Marketing Manager, you'll have full ownership of customer development working alongside our team, made up of people who love honing their craft. We learn and grow together by doing and building. You'll be working on all levels, from defining the strategy to detailing and independently accomplishing the following:

  1. Define our user journey and distribution strategy.
  2. Marketing automation - Rig up our stack.
  3. Content - you must love writing, diving deep into ideas and contributing to the conversation about how we organize and collaborate as teams in software tools in new ways.
  4. Customer development - you will find like-minded communities of enthusiasts and grow our presence there. You'll develop our voice and messaging and talk to people about how we can serve them better.

Through working with Radical you will become an expert in the fundamentals of product marketing and how to set up customer development from scratch and into scale. You will have support and guidance from our team of veteran operators with multiple exits and experiences in key positions at $1B+ companies behind them.
  • Local (Shoreditch, London), 5 days a week preferable, but remote or 3 days a week possible for the right candidates.
  • Effortlessly write elegant English. Additional language (Spanish preferred) nice to have.
  • Sufficiently technical to quickly learn how to set up an e-mail marketing campaign, hook it up with a CRM and configure a zap to fill data from a form.
  • Harmonious with our team's culture: Kind, curious, pleasant, reliable, loves their craft, candid in sharing their thoughts & feelings, honest.

We think it's great if you don't have experience yet across all of these areas as long as you're eager to learn. To apply, please fill out this short form.

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