Radical ( is a small, fast-moving team of veteran product engineers. Our team is ex-Facebook, ex-Oculus, and ex-Google. Following our strengths, we're building some next-generation collaboration tools that will drag existing SaaS software into the age of Figma, Dropbox Paper, and beyond. Single-player software is so 2020 (...and have you seen how 2020 is going?!). We want to live in the future.


We're looking for a focused, productive mid-level engineer to join the team to help us iterate on the first version of our product. You'll be working closely with veteran senior engineers from the top of the industry. Our product is a web-based collaboration tool, so we're looking for people who want to build web products, who want to write oodles of TypeScript, and who are excited to work across the stack. We're expecting you produce clean code quickly. We want you help us build out new product features — React components, GraphQL queries, database queries, the whole lot.

The more you already know today, the better, but we're expecting this to be a learning experience for you. We have onboarding sessions for the folks we hire to make sure we're on the same page about things like our architecture, development environment setup, Git, coding standards, etc.. Our team includes veteran senior engineers who specialise in mentorship. This role comes with the opportunity to work with hands-on with senior engineers at the top of the industry.

We're hiring for people who are curious, focused, and full-stack. We're a startup. There are 10,000 more things to do than we can possibly achieve, so we have to pick our work very carefully. This might mean writing new React components one week, debugging scroll performance the next, putting together a data model for a new feature the week after that. You might be building landing pages for our potential customers one week and then helping sort out deployment issues the next. The only guarantee is that the work will be diverse, interesting, and directly tied to the success of the company.

What about COVID-19?

With COVID-19, things are really weird right now in terms of onboarding new team members. Everyone needs to choose for themselves whether they want to work remotely, in the office together, or a mixture of both. Once this pandemic is under reasonable control, we believe very much in working together in an office most of the time. So, if you don't want to commute to Shoreditch, it's probably not the role for you. In the mean time, we're expecting new joiners to be ready to hop on a video chat with other members of the team any time it makes more sense that typing loads in Slack. Likewise, we'll be hosting daily open work video streams so that we can have some of that team vibe together.


We've built our setup on top of industry-standard, modern tech:
  • TypeScript in both the client and server code
  • GraphQL between the client and server
  • GraphQL-over-WebSockets for real-time communication
  • Postgres (with Sequelize) as the data store
  • AWS for hosting and deployment
  • Code review with Phabricator (not GitHub! — trust us, it's way better)

We think it's great if you don't have experience yet across all of these areas as long as you're eager to learn. To apply, please e-mail us with your github link, or CV, or just a short note.

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